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Brian and Elisha Magill are hosts of Healing the Broken Marriage Podcast and Elisha is an author of Making Beauty with the Ashes; How God Saved My Marriage. Brian and Elisha have been featured on several TV programs including: Ministry Time with Marcus and Joni Lamb, Joni Table Talk, The Green Room, CBN and Discovering God on TBN. Brian and Elisha share openly, their story of marital struggles, the pitfalls along the way and how they ultimately overcame. Brian and Elisha’s story of how God reached down into their situation and turned things around is a miracle. Their journey will greatly strengthen your faith, give you tools and strategies to use in your own life as you witness the miracle of God’s power in action through these amazing stories. Brian and Elisha have been married for 25+ years, have 3 wonderful children, and reside on a peaceful cattle farm.