Making Beauty With The Ashes

How God Saved my marriage
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Elisha Magill is a wife to Brian Magill and they both have 3 wonderful children together. Elisha was raised in a Godly home most of her life. Failing to keep God at the center of their marriage, they quickly experience what a marriage without God looks like. Her story of how God reached down into their situation and turned things around is a miracle. They are now firm believers that what God did for their marriage, He can do for anyone!


  • In a battle – stand firm!
  • God can restore anything you have lost!
  • He is the God of Redemption!


It all started when we both surrendered.
Elisha Magill


He will give a crown of beauty for ashes….

Isaiah 61:3 NLT

My Book

Making Beauty with
the Ashes

The thoughts we give ‘life’ to will gain life. Therefore, we must pick and choose the thoughts we’ll listen to. We decide! It’s all a choice.

How God Saved My Marriage

Making Beauty
with the Ashes

We were at the end of our steadily fraying rope. After years and years of abandonment, mental abuse, and multiple affairs, our marriage which resembled more of a war zone was coming to an end.

I burned with anger. I could feel it in my chest and my heart would race. Sometimes I didn’t feel alive until I would become angry. The anger consumed me. This was the plan of the enemy….to destroy my husband, to destroy my family, and ultimately – destroy me.

Then one day……everything changed when God threw us a life line and began to pull us both back in.

Sometimes the roads we pave are not how we imagined they would be. Our journey is one full of happiness, sadness, betrayal, hurt, pain and ultimately….redemption! When the enemy is coming against your family and coming against your marriage, this is an aggressive interaction. The spiritual realm is there, and there is a battle going on whether we choose to believe it or not. We, as women, need to rise up and take our families back!

Welcome to our journey of God Making Beauty with Our Ashes!

Healing the Broken Marriage Podcast

Tune In

In this podcast, along with Brian and Elisha, you will hear from influencers and Psychology Experts to help bring spiritual and practical application to the conversation. In this podcast we want to empower and resource you through important and vulnerable conversations that will not only equip you, but help bring change. Through our own redemption story and the stories of many others, we hope to give you a new perspective on marriage that will infuse you with hope to overcome roadblocks and have a healthy marriage yourself. We are excited for you to join us on this journey of Healing the Broken Marriage.

They Are Experiencing What I Experienced


What they say about my book ?

This book was everything and more than I expected it to be. Bought for a friend’s daughter, read it myself! It’s a great book to encourage to keep fighting the good fight but most of all TRUST CHRIST’


I first heard about this couples story on Joni Table a few months ago. I thought, WOW! I had to read this book. This book is a proven fact that GOD is still in control of every area in our lives when we turn it over to Him. I highly recommend this book to everyone.

Hope Miller

What a raw real testament to Gods Love for us. Even when we fail he is there to Restore what the enemy is trying to steal. A must read...

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